Crowdsourcing Security – The Future of WordPress Site Security

Crowdsourcing Security: Monitoring & Identifying Threats to One WordPress Site Can Protect a Worldwide Community of SMBs & WordPress Website Owners

The future of SMBs’ website security is in you’re an every Sabres WAF plug-in user’s hands


Today’s WordPress Website Security Challenges for SMBs & WordPress Site Owners

In today’s SMB market, managing and maintaining a website can be challenging. From generating fresh content that leverages SEO, brand awareness and online presence, to ensuring an aesthetic look and feel of the website’s design, to optimizing site speed and navigation for high user engagement, the list of duties are vast. Processes and workflows can be time consuming, demand skills, manpower and resources. But once you’ve established and adopted a workflow to create and maintain a terrific website, proactively protecting your SMB’s WordPress website is critical in today’s digital age.


The Major Challenge: Hackers Advance Their Techniques With WordPress Developments

Statistics indicate that over 58% of 2018’s data breaches have been targeted at SMBs. Website code and backend programming is advancing by the second, and hackers’ techniques and strategies also develop at lightning speed. Bots, (automated robot technology used by hackers to scan sites for vulnerabilities and attack at moments of opportunity), crash sites, networks and servers of select SMBs, industries and WordPress website users all over the world.

Site visitors enter their personal information in online forms, click through and scroll on webpages that collect IP addresses, network data and other information that’s invaluable to hackers. Cyber criminals who stealthily acquire this data sell it on the dark web, the underworld of the internet – home to many hackers, hungry to breach an SMB’s WordPress website to leverage their activities.


Don’t be a victim.

While some businesses recruit an Information Technology (IT) expert, their services can also incur overhead and demand precious time for collaboration. The solution to identifying vulnerabilities of WordPress websites, protecting them from breaches, hacker technology, and protecting your precious and sensitive data is simple. It’s called crowdsourcing security – a game-changing cybersecurity method that comes part and parcel with a leading WAF plug-in used by SMBs with WordPress websites worldwide.


How It Works: The Ultimate Crowdsourcing Security Plug-in For WordPress Sites

With crowdsourcing security – a smart, simple, and tactical cybersecurity method that’s powered by a leading WAF plug-in for WordPress websites – there is hope, and it goes beyond protecting just your site. It protects the entire WordPress community with just one user’s simple installation and use.

Quick and easy download and installation of Sabres’ WAF plug-in provides a dashboard full of insights directly in your SMB’s WordPress backend. Potential and existing threats, vulnerabilities, possible damage and repairs required are all visible and easy to process in one user-friendly tool. Plus, you gain our team of experts’ exceptional service and tech support.

This groundbreaking tool not only identifies, monitors and alerts users of potential threats and existing ones requiring immediate action or attention, but it also instantly ensures that the community of Sabres users are notified, aware and safe from the potential harm at hand. Crowdsourcing security technology automates the protection of every single WordPress website’s cyber protection – be it an SMB, a personal blog, public-facing platform, or e-commerce site. If you’ve got WordPress, we’ve got crowdsourcing security and the benefits are all yours.


Benefits Come In Bundles: Crowdsourcing Security Works WordPress Magic for SMBs

While helping a global community of WordPress site owners protect and secure their data, the leading WAF plug-in offers a proactive means to avoid breaking the privacy stipulations of the recent GDPR laws. The severe repercussions that can come with data breaches or site hacks could now mean fines, legal concerns, risk, loss and reputational damage. Bypass all these concerns by using our plug-in to protect much more than your SMB’s WordPress website. With Sabres, you protect your business, brand and WordPress site owners in all corners of the globe.

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