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Case Studies

Here’s a look at how we’ve helped customers of various business sizes across different industries
to achieve effective website protection with our all-in-one cyber security solution.

We’d be happy to do the same for you!

End User

Industry: Service Industry
  • Company had shortcomings in their
    security protocols

  • Managed a large database including
    credit card information and personal
    data, but it wasn’t secure

  • Suffered a major hack that left their
    database exposed and leaked their information

Sabres Solution
  1. Installed plug-in and corrected the defects and vulnerabilities

  2. Implemented penetration tests to gauge the company’s systems on a recurring basis

  3. Solution adapts with time and prevents future attacks from occurring

End User

Industry: E-Commerce
  • Site has multiple landing pages and newsletter subscription forms that were prone to bot attacks

  • Site owner had trouble receiving quality
    leads and directing mailings

  • Site speed was slowed due to attacks

Sabres Solution
  1. Maintains a clean site free of bots

  2. Optimizes the sales method

  3. Protects the mini-site from automatic attacks

  4. Increases the surfing speed for a mini-site following fraudulent traffic filtering

  5. Monitors traffic to the mini-site on an
    ongoing basis, in accordance with the new regulations in the Israeli Privacy Law, and is adapted to new GDPR regulations in Europe


Industry: Freelance Web Designer
  • Web designer has clients globally who wanted to restrict access to their sites from various countries where their services are unavailable

  • Some countries are more likely to attempt hacking sites, so small businesses opt to block access

  • GDPR regulations are contained to Europe, so companies that are not committed to these regulations can block user access from these countries

Sabres Solution
  1. System can designate countries to block based on geo-location software and ISP recognition

  2. Allows a simple solution for web designers and developers to dictate which of their clients’ websites should have set restrictions

  3. Continuously monitors and protects all sites from hacking attempts, regardless of which countries have access


Industry: Hosting Company
  • A hosting company owned 70 sites on one server, and one site had security flaws that exposed the entire server to vulnerabilities

  • Despite the antivirus system installed, an attack infiltrated and infected the entire server

  • The server was not properly partitioned, so the hack penetrated every site. The data was deleted and sites were left with a static image

Sabres Solution
  1. Cleaned the sites and transferred them all to a new server

  2. Installed Ultimate Defense plug-in to protect the server and all sites from attacks

  3. Monitors all sites in real-time under a cohesive and user-friendly dashboard that allows hosting company to take any actions with the simple click of a button

  4. Ability to dive deeper into any website at any given time to watch traffic and monitor threats

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